Equipment List:

∙ Good quality binocular minimum 8x magnification.
∙ Good quality “broken in” boots.
∙ Three pairs of synthetic blend socks and liner socks.
∙ Three pairs synthetic long underwear pants and shirts
∙ Two pair of synthetic fleece low nap pants.
∙ Belt.
∙ Two synthetic light weight shirts.
∙ Two heavier synthetic zip up shirts.
∙ One light/medium synthetic zip up jacket (depending on anticipated temperatures).
∙ One compressible “Hollow fill” style liner coat for cold weather.
∙ Quality light weight rain gear pants and long coat.
∙ One pair light weight leather/synthetic gloves and one pair thicker cold weather mittens if necessary.
∙ Fleece neck warmer (can be used as a stocking cap also).
∙ Sleeping bag and pad appropriate for temperatures you plan on enduring.
∙ Baseball type hat.
∙ Binoculars.
∙ Spotting scope and lightweight stand∙ Range finder.
∙ Passport, visas, Health certificate.
∙ Digital Camera with extra battery, charger.
∙ Daypack-waterproof.
∙ Name tags for trophy skins and horns. Can also be used as luggage tags.
∙ Small headlamp with a set of extra batteries.
∙ Hunting belt long enough to go around your waist outside your coat to hold shells, range finder, knife.
∙ Folding small sharp knife.
∙ Ammo – 40 rounds in original box with protective wrap around it.
∙ Satellite phone.
∙ Duct tape – 1Ž2 roll for everything.
∙ Sanitary wipes (Individually wrapped).
∙ Blister pads, a variety of band-aids
∙ Ear plugs-for sighting in rifle.
∙ Camp shoes, bathroom house slippers.
∙ Electrical converters, if going overseas.
∙ Extra large canvas/cordura duffle bag for hauling.
∙ Capes and horns home on airline.

Flight Info:

We are based in Karachi which is an international airport, We recommend Turkish airline and Qatar airlines as they have the most connections to Pakistan. If you are only hunting in the Himalayas then we recommend flying into Islamabad which is the capital of Pakistan. for more information about Visa procedure please contact us.