Afghan Urials are huntable in Pakistan and Tajikistan but due to the difference in terrain they look somewhat different in terms of hair and size. Rams have a white bib, long black neck ruff and a small black saddle spot in the winter coat. The horns are homonymous, triangular in cross section, and strongly wrinkled. The longest recorded horns measured 41-1/2 inches (105 cm) ( Rowland Ward, 1909). Females have small, straight horns. In Pakistan they are found in the Balochistan province in Torghar area where the hunt can be combined with a Suleiman Markhor, they are also found along the Suleiman mountain range. unlike the Markhor the Afghan Urials likes to stay in lower hills however a good physical condition is still necessary to shoot an older and smarter ram. Please contact us for more details about the hunting of this species.

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