A big male Himalayan Ibex will stand 40 inches (102 cm) at the shoulder and weigh 200 pounds (91 kg). Coat is thick and woolly in winter, being shed in early summer. Color is very variable, ranging from pale brown to dark brown, with a darker dorsal stripe and often a lighter saddle patch and whitish neck patch. The Himalayan lbex is indigenous to Pakistan Himalayan and Karakurum range. Northern areas can be reached by flight to Gilgit and Skardu as well as Karakurum highway which goes to Southern China. December to March is suitable for lbex as the snow brings them to lower areas. The altitudes where they can be hunted at are between 9.000 – 12.000 feet and the average horns of this specie are between 36”- 40” in length. There are several good community managed areas where good trophies can be hunted. The hunt itself is a classical mountain hunt. It starts with getting above the animals and glassing for them, and ends in careful stalk and a long, challenging shot. Occasionally an improvised drive may be undertaken, with the guides pushing the animal to where the hunter is hiding. Most mountains in the country are too steep even for horses, so the hunter should be prepared for considerable physical effort.

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