The Indian boar (Sus scrofa cristatus), also known as the Andamanese pig or Moupin pigis a subspecies of wild boar native to Pakistan, India, Nepal, Burma, western Thailand and Sri Lanka however they can only be legally hunted in Pakistan. The Indian boar differs from its European counterpart by its large mane which runs in a crest along its back from its head to lower body, larger, more sharply featured and straighter skull, its smaller, sharper ears and overall lighter build.[3] It is taller and more sparsely haired than the European form, though its back bristles are much more developed.[2] The tail is also more tufted, and the cheeks hairier.[4] Adults measure from 83.82 to 91.44 cm (33.00 to 36.00 in) in shoulder height (with one specimen in Bengal having reached 38 inches) and five feet in body length. Weight ranges from 90.72 to 136.08 kg (200.0 to 300.0 lb) The animal has interacted with humans in India since at least the Upper Paleolithic, with the oldest depiction being a cave painting in Bhimbetaka.

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