The Salt range mountains of the Punjab province of Pakistan is the home to Punjab Urial, it lives at an altitudes of  1000-2000 feet. aIts  handsome sheep, with a redder coat than other Urials. Males have a white bib and a long black neck ruff. Most Punjab Urials have a narrow, two-colored saddle patch (black in front, white behind), but in some individuals it may be all white or absent entirely. The rump patch, belly and lower legs are white and there is a dark, narrow stripe between belly and upper body. The horns are cervical, curving tightly in some animals and less so in others. The average horn length of the Punjab Urial is 24 – 30 inches. The best area to hunt Punjab Urial in our experience is the historical Kalabagh Estate run by the Malik family. thanks to their conservation efforts there are more then 1,000 sheep in this area alone. This area has hosted hunts and state visits for the likes of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Jacqueline Kennedy, Prince Abdurezza Pehlawi and many other heads of states and royalty. The hunt itself  is not very physically challenging and good rams are found roaming on rolling grassy hills. There are only 3 hunting permits given to Kalabagh every year so book early to be able to hunt here. To get into this area the hunter must land in Islamabad and drive 4 hours to Kalabagh.

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