Message from our CEO Pir Danish Ali

“We are a hunting outfitters based in Pakistan having license number 3604. Over the years we have been working very hard to organise reliable and successful hunting safaris in Pakistan and rest of the world, being a hunter first and an outfitter second I know exactly what a hunter expects when they hunt with us, we organise everything from visas to, rifle import permits to all logistics from airport to airport, we have a team that offers VIP clearance at Karachi international airport and in addition to this we have a security team for the hunters’ peace of mind. Let us organise a Shikar of a life time and show you the real Pakistan along with its colourful culture and warm hospitality”

Message from our Director Operations Mir Babu Talpur

“I joined the Indus Safaris team 8 years ago and run the famous “Camp Mortz” located on the banks of river Indus. I am a hunter myself and guide our clients personally for the plains game species. having 20 years of wildlife conservation experience we organise an adventure of a lifetime for our clients, people think that hunting in Asia equates to ‘roughing it’ but we have very comfortable and luxury accommodations that you will not find anywhere in Pakistan our aim is to provide an unforgettable Shikar experience that will take you back to the days of Jim Corbett and the Raj”

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