Astor is a subspecies of Markhor found in the Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan, it is named after Astor Valley of Pakistan where they originate from. The Astor Markhor’s shoulder height is as much as 42 inches and weighs about 200-225 pounds. It is considered the largest bodied of all markhor species. This is the typical race from which the species was first described. The coat is long and coarse in winter, though with very little under wool, and is much shorter in summer. The male’s ruff is long and flowing. Typically, the horns of the Astor markhor flare very widely just above the base and have one to 1-1/2 twists and if it is a very old animal then the horns will twist twice and sometimes go even beyond that. The habitat of these animals is in the Gilgit, Skardu and Astor regions of Northern Pakistan in the valleys which branch off from the River Indus. In comparison with the Kashmir, their horns curves are wider. Like the Kashmir, the Astor is in the flare horned Markhor category. It is possible to hunt the Himalayan Ibex and the Markhor in combination.

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