Suleiman Markhor (Capra Falconeri Jerdoni) is found in Torghar Mountains (Torghar means Black mountains in the native language), The area is located 7 hours drive from the city of Quetta which is the capital of Baluchistan province of Pakistan. The Suleiman has the distinctive tight screw horns and is sometimes also called the ‘straight horned Markhor’. In 1976 the Suleiman Markhor was placed on the US Fish and Wildlife’s endangered species list, in 1999 the head of Society for Torghar Environmental Protection (STEP) Sardar Naseer Tareen along with IUCN submitted a petition to the USFW requesting that the Suleiman Markhor of Torghar should be reclassified from ‘endangered’ to ‘threatened’.  With the hard work of the Jogezai tribe and Sardar Naseer Tareen there has been a huge increase in Suleiman Markhor population and a recent survey counted over 4,000 animals. The hunt itself requires good physical condition but the mountains are not as high and steep as the Himalayas or the Hindukush. Compared to the other Markhor species they live in a clearer and drier climate and can be hunted at an altitude of 7,000 to 9,000 feet. 

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